Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve

– About us –

The Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve is a group of volunteers who work with the University of Adelaide to maintain and improve the natural value of the reserve and the visitor experience. The Friends group, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, are involved in controlling pest plants and animals, maintaining the walking trails and providing events to help the public understand the flora and fauna of the reserve.

The logo for the Friends group is the Blue Devil (Eryngium ovinum), one of several rare plant species found in the Reserve.

Eryngium Ovinum - Blue Devil

Aims of the Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve:
• To assist in the conservation and ecological restoration of the Waite Conservation Reserve.
• To encourage the community use and enjoyment of the Waite Conservation Reserve.
• To promote the Waite Conservation Reserve as a research and educational resource.

The Friends of Waite Conservation Reserve (FWCR) is an incorporated not for profit association run by it’s members with support from the University of Adelaide.  FWCR is managed by a committee and includes a representative of the University of Adelaide as ex-officio.

President: Peter Bird, Vice President: Clint Garrett, Secretary: Glenn Gale, Treasurer: Glenn Gale, Newsletter editor: Meg Robertson

Committee: Penny Paton, Grant Joseph, Clint Garrett, Meg Robertson, Peter Bird, Glenn Gale, Simon Treloar, Sue Last and Dr Kate Delaporte, Curator, the Waite Conservation Reserve, The University of Adelaide (ex-officio).

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